Why should brides only rent and not own a beautifully made garment which can also be an heirloom wedding gown in the family? This question puzzled us and this was how the brand Journal de Chic started.

Keeping in mind that an heirloom gown should not be limited by its design and style, We have all these years been successfully creating exquisite dresses that stand the test of time. With the beautiful craftsmanship, meticulous choices of fabrics, sequins and embroidery, you probably never know that it can take as many as seven stages to produce something impeccable, tasteful, elegant and stylish.

Never ever tempted to skip any one step, Journal de Chic is well known for her bespoke wedding gowns and modernized qipaos (Chinese mandarin collar dresses). They do not only accentuate a bride’s figure, Journal de Chic dresses also mean comfort and timeless elegance, favourited by many of local and overseas brides who are the elites and young professionals around the world. Journal de Chic is no doubt leading the city's brides to a journey of chicness, promising you to be the epitome of style and elegance on your wedding day.

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